About Ogawa Village

There is a tiny and remote, yet very ATTRACTIVE and BEAUTIFUL village in Nagano, Japan. It is Ogawamura village and is located right in the middle of the Japanese islands. So it's called "Nihon no Heso", which means "Japan's midriff". Here are three reasons you should visit this lovely place. Come and enjoy some Japanese exotic and bucolic experiences in Ogawamura Village!!


The followings are three big reasons you like this village;




     Ogawamura Village is located near the Japan North Alps. The mountains have different faces of four seasons. You will surely be mesmerized at the impressive view of the surrounding mountains. Every year, the spring season of Ogawamura attratcs many visitors, when you can encounter the beautiful color contrast between the white, the snow-covered Alps, and the green, the nature at the peak of its powers. 





     Ogawamura is also known for Soba noodle, the Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour. Soba noodles are served either chilled with a dipping sauce, or in hot broth as a noodle soup. It is sweeter and more flavorful than Chinese noodles. Another famous food is Oyaki, a kind of Japanese dumpling made from a fermented buckwheat dough wrapped around a stuffing of vegetables, fruit, or anko bean paste and then roasted on an iron pan. It is said that Oyayaki was born in Ogawamura.  





     Ogawamura is a very small village which has only the population of 3000. Most of the children in Ogawamura spend time together from kindergarten to junior high school and they can share same experiences and memories. So, it's like a family experience. The villagers are very friendly even to outsiders. 

Our servise


Our house is on the way from Nagano station to Hakuba. It is 25 minutes by car to Hakuba.


The room type is Japanese style.


Have a pleasant time in a traditional inn in the traditional Japanese country!



Ogawa village is know for is its great nature.


The landscape of the Northern Alps mountain range is a true breathtaking experience.


You can enjoy short trek on the nearby mountains.


Togakushi Shrine, which is closely related to the origin of Japanese history, is the best spiritual spot.



Various events are also held occasionary.



You can enjoy local cuisine called "Oyaki" making use of various materials such as Nozawana vegetables, Japanese radish, Azuki, and pumpkin.


There are also restaurants offering traditional Japanese meals such as Shinshu soba and udon.


We will inform you of the best food according to your request.