Kuramadera Temple is so esoteric.

Kuramadera Temple, which is located in the deepest part of Mt. Kurama, is a so esoteric temple as it enshrines so called the cosmic power, although most of Japanese shrines or temples take Shinto or Budda's doctrin as their center of worship.


As you can see in the following pictures of bizarre objects, once you step into the premises, you will find yourself get into a mysterious and esoteric area.


The atmosphere is completely different from any town.

To reach the main building of the temple, you have to go up a long flight of stairs. This is really painful, but it's worth trying it as the scenary from the top is just breathtaking.

This is the main hall of the Kuramadera Temple. The symbol in front of the building is said to be the most spiritual spot in the mountain where you can feel the innate power held within you if you stand on it and face the hall.

Another 1km trekking from the main hall will take you to a inner sanctuary called Mao-den, which is another spiritual spot and known as a location where a deity called Maoson descended to Earth from Venus some 6 million years ago.


It will take a half day to return from the mountain, but you will surely enjoy the esoteric atmosphere of the Japanese temple.


I will show you around in Kyoto if you contact me in advance. Thank you.



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    Eve (木曜日, 19 9月 2019 19:42)

    Hi we want to get your help to show us around and go to all the spiritual spots here. How much do you charge as I’m going with my mom so there is only two of us. My email evelynyeung127@gmail.com and WhatsApp + 1 5103283877. USA number